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Preparing for next year’s taxes begins a full 365-days prior to when we submit for IRS approval. Tax planning is an essential process for all individuals and business owners to make sure you are not operating in any violation of the tax code or law. Our personalized tax services provide every client with an understanding of what tax issues they might be facing, all credit/deductions available to them, and how tax issues might impact their assets.

With the complex variety of tax code and laws in existence your taxes deserve, and require, an expert’s review.

At Citadel CPA, we work to ensure your taxes are filled properly the first time, in accordance with all federal and state law and in review of your best interest. We offering the following services to minimize the amount of time you must spend on your taxes.



Life is busy. With today’s technological advancements, it only makes sense to conduct your tax preparation and accounting needs through the cloud. Can you recall the last time you brought all your files and documents to have your taxes prepared only to find out you were missing a form? Through cloud-based accounting and tax you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Simply upload your documents to our secure server and move on with your day knowing Citadel CPA is working diligently on your taxes. By moving your finances into electronic reporting, it allows us to confront major issues as they occur throughout the year, not just in the final quarter.


We work with every client to create a personalized tax strategy. We are confident our expertise of the tax code and law can help you manage your specific tax scenario. At the same time, we understand part of overseeing your portfolio is understanding how to successfully manage your specific financial concerns. Your finances are not cookie cutter, and we never treat your taxes this way.


The days of mailing in your return and waiting for a response are no more! With e-filing, your return is submitted electronically.


From our experience navigating the taxes system and using our systems of checks, we work to ensure your filing is in accordance with all tax code and ever changing tax laws. If an audit does occur, we stand ready to assist you through this entire process, helping you understand your rights and responsibilities in working  to obtain compliance with the IRS.



Whether you are seeking tax planning, IRS audit representation or business reorganization, Citadel CPA Group is dedicated to providing our clients with professional, personalized services. Give us a call today to find out how we can take care of your financial and business needs!