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Let’s face it. No one individual or business is audit proof. While it is not the most enjoyable experience out there there are things we can do to help make the whole process a little less agonizing. As the saying goes, “Victory loves preparation” and IRS audits are no exceptions to this rule. When you’ve been selected for an audit Citadel CPA Group stands ready to represent you before the IRS. There is no need for you to be intimated by the IRS or stressed in preparing to work  through an audit. From filing all the way to auditing, we represent your best interest.



Our services begin by gaining an understanding of your current financial situation and past tax preparation. From the moment you are audited, we work to review the IRS notice or inquiry, helping break down the individual pieces for your understanding. From there we research your current financial standing and assemble all documents and records necessary for the audit. We work with you from the moment you receive a notice until the resolution of this issue.


Being audited by the IRS can be a painful experience, taking away time from your ability to run your business and sometimes even impacting your personal life. With years of experience standing before the IRS, our team will represent you and communicate with the agency on your behalf in all matters concerning your audit. Whether communicating directly with the IRS, answering their questions or following up on missing documentation, we represent your best interest on a daily basis until the audit is resolved.



Whether you are seeking tax planning, IRS audit representation or business reorganization, Citadel CPA Group is dedicated to providing our clients with professional, personalized services. Give us a call today to find out how we can take care of your financial and business needs!